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The Science Behind Design – Visual Symbiosis

Good design is simple, yet so effective! When a visual’s positive space is so cleverly designed that it reveals another visual in its reverse negative space, this is good design.
Here is a good definition of negative space:
“Negative space, in art, is the space around and between the subject(s) of an image. Negative space may be [...]

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Telling Your Story With Prezi

Prezi is next generation content marketing.
It helps you present and share ideas in a naturally flowing storytelling format. It also:

encourages you to guide the attention of users and lead them through your message;
forces you to think in concepts and visuals–not bullets and sentences;
inspires creativity–instead of limiting it;
allows [...]

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Which Super Bowl 2013 Ads Stink Up The Field?

Which Super Bowl 2013 ads are winners and which stunk up the field? And who turned the lights off?
There were, as always, some sexist ads
What else is new, GoDaddy leads the way again. They win the prize for objectifying women with their ad’s concept of Go Daddy’s “smart” side and “sexy” side. To them, [...]

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AIG Logo Gets A Refresh

AIG (American International Group, Inc.) has a “refreshed” logo.

“Our new logo reflects a rebuilt and forward looking AIG – contemporary, dynamic, transparent, and revitalized,” said CEO Robert H. Benmosche, in a press release.
All that in this new visual icon?
Yes. The new design uses a brighter color and a sans serif font lending a trendy, friendly [...]

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Where customers take control of branding

Put the brand in the hands of the users
SALT and The BMW Guggenheim Lab allow users to lend their own interpretations to their brands within boundaries they set up. At the core of both these organizations is collaboration and participation.
The theory behind this type of “non-logo” encourages community-building, interactivity, mutability and allows users to truly feel and [...]

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Visual Unity

Whether it is on the Web, in print or on a trade show floor, you can create a positive experience by engaging your customers visually. Graphics that are simple, colorful and evoke emotion are impactful.
Our goal is to create a sense of unity from the central message and supporting copy, photographs and logos. All three [...]

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Some things never change.

Coca-Cola Logotypes

Why has Coca-Cola’s logo remained virtually the same for so many years?
The original logo was developed in 1885 using the iconic red and white color scheme still used today.
The script logotype has remained relatively unchanged, but the way it has been used has changed.
Currently, the logotype is placed within a square. In the past [...]

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Smile for Nike

The classic Nike logo smiles, somewhat like the new Pepsi logo. What would happen if they had used it upside down? A smile always gets positive attention, but turn it upside down? It is a subliminal no-no.

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What Drives These Brand Names?

It’s all in the juxtaposition of letters!

Camry, a car from Toyota is an anagram of my car.

Elantra, a car from Hyundai is an anagram of A rental.

Civic, a car from Honda is a palindrome.

A Toyota is a palindrome.

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Kraft Looks Crafty!

Kraft-branded products now sport a new corporate logo! It smiles! It’s bursting with flavor! And it uses the slogan, “Make Today Delicious”. Colorful, flavorful, fun, happy. It says it all. With its softer organic shapes, it fits the products. Well, sort of….

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