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Branding Purple

Purple tends to be a color that people either love or hate. A visit to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach’s Kennett Square office “Brand Opening” led me to a thought-provoking conversation on the BHHS corporate brand color choice of purple. They all knew the reasoning well as it was conveyed as part of [...]

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The Science Behind Design – Visual Symbiosis

Good design is simple, yet so effective! When a visual’s positive space is so cleverly designed that it reveals another visual in its reverse negative space, this is good design.
Here is a good definition of negative space:
“Negative space, in art, is the space around and between the subject(s) of an image. Negative space may be [...]

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Which Super Bowl 2013 Ads Stink Up The Field?

Which Super Bowl 2013 ads are winners and which stunk up the field? And who turned the lights off?
There were, as always, some sexist ads
What else is new, GoDaddy leads the way again. They win the prize for objectifying women with their ad’s concept of Go Daddy’s “smart” side and “sexy” side. To them, [...]

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Visual Unity

Whether it is on the Web, in print or on a trade show floor, you can create a positive experience by engaging your customers visually. Graphics that are simple, colorful and evoke emotion are impactful.
Our goal is to create a sense of unity from the central message and supporting copy, photographs and logos. All three [...]

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Design Briefs Provide Focus

How do we strive to ensure the success of a design project?

We want our clients to focus in on what they want and how they want it. What do clients want?
Design Briefs can hold the answer.

They set up clear business objectives.
They help define expected outcomes of the intended project.

The designers role?
The Design Brief is [...]

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What moves your viewers?

Although eye-tracking studies can and have easily been disputed, the information distilled from them can be part of your information arsenal. One eye-tracking study found that web users read in an “F” pattern.
Translated, this means that they first read in a horizontal movement, across the upper part of the content area; move down the page [...]

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More on Eyetracking

Great blog, 3 Hot Marketing Tips from Heat Map AnalysisOnce again … the age-old tried and true rules of advertising prove valid.
Issue#1: People scan but do not read.Solution #1: Use short sentences, bullet points and bold text.
Issue #2: Images get a lot of attention. Solution #2: Use images effectively. (With a goal in mind. [...]

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Regional Winner of Doodle 4 Google

Thanks for voting!Grace Para, of Landenberg, PA, was the Region 3 winner in the K-3 group.
Find the national winner and 3 finalists here.

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Eye Tracking III

We did an enewsletter on the first Eye tracking study done for websites a few years ago… some may recall.
Eye tracking studies have revealed valuable information about how people read and interact with websites.
Read more on Eyetrack III, the recently published summary of eye tracking results for news sites.
See a visual map of home page [...]

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Outsmart the Fox

Mozilla Corporation has offered up an initial revised draft rendering of its existing ‘fox around a globe’ logo for user consideration and said it will continue adding further revisions every 24 hours or so.
Maybe they want to adapt the Google model where the fox wears something unique new each day? A hat, coat, [...]

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