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3 Ways To Visually Capture Attention

An informative image is not only well designed; it captures both the feeling of the content and facilitates an understanding of it. You can increase a message’s impact, capture attention and create something memorable through visually communicating by using these 3 simples imagery techniques.
1 Powerful Imagery
Increase the emotional bond with the viewer. Studies show effective [...]

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Eye-tracking studies support visual communications

As in everything we do when visually communicating, we focus on meeting the users needs.
Eye tracking studies for the web reveal valuable information on how visitors take in a website. Studies path a users visual direction on a web page with software that uses heat mapping.

Shown here, heatmaps from user eyetracking studies. From Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox, [...]

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Visual Metaphors For Memorable Communications

Metaphors are representations. They represent an idea but are not the idea itself.
We use visual metaphors in design to create a familiar experience for people by focusing on ideas and objects they understand. The metaphor associates two objects that appear unrelated at first but unconsciously, the mind makes the association almost immediately. So people stop [...]

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Visual Brand Synchronicity

Are you using easily identifiable visual communications that connect uniquely and quickly back to your company? Are you paying attention to the way your visual brand is used across mediums? Do your website, Twitter account and Facebook profile use the same overall visual features so viewers know it is your company they are experiencing?
How can [...]

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Looking Back

As we near the end of the year and look back, here is the longer view.
I admit, I have a fascination with vintage advertising and find it very entertaining. A friend of mine stumbled upon this website while whittling away at the web. (I am convinced, she is single-handedly going to see everything there is [...]

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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Using visual images simplifies your message and supports or often takes the place of added text. It’s shorthand for a concept or something hard to describe. 
People’s visual recognition and association is very quick. Images communicate quickly. It‘s like the saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words”. But only if it is the right visual.
Images are [...]

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